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7 tips for clean and tidy home!

Busy life style, long hours at work, kids, pets and just tiredness are only few of the main reasons our homes become cluttered, untidy and dusty. Many of you would think here "if I would be at home sitting person - my house would be immaculate".

Absolutely NOT! In our experience we came across many home-birds with absolutely horrendous homes and extremely busy people with very tidy places! Let's put this way, this is all down to your habits. You are either messy or tidy, simple is that.

The biggest issue starts when messy and tidy people start living together! Do you recognise yourself? In the beginning all is still great, you don't mind at all to pick up few things or wipe off those bread crumbs off the kitchen counter. But after awhile you get annoyed, angry and frustrated! We truly feel sorry for you - but we are here to help you to solve that!

No hard sales here, purely advising!

Could you actually change bad and messy habits and have an organised and happy household? Absolutely YES! However, you must think of a strong reason "why" would you do that. Like anything else in the life - with no reason, new habit won't plant any seeds and therefore won't last long. Think of these several reasons and pick (or create new ones!) your own:

  1. Healthier home

  2. Saving time on looking for things and tidying up

  3. Less arguments because of mess

  4. Better looking place

  5. No stress because of unexpected guests

  6. Better concentration and focus

  7. Pride of a clean home. Always clean.

Once your picked your most important reason (or created your own!), just write it down and place it somewhere visible: on the fridge, in your diary, whenever you will see it very often and it will remind you of a great reason WHY you will work on transforming your habits. To help you with becoming the proud role model for your kids and the owner of super clean home we prepared for you 7 tips for clean and tidy home. All of them are based on our experience, training and observing thousands of clients:

  1. Find a "home" for everything at your place: where to must go your car keys, where will you put your shoes, where must live your cutlery, all that change from everyone's pockets, etc. Everything always must be taken from where it belongs and placed back.

  2. Declutter: give away, donate, sell unwanted and unused. You simply can not create clearer and cleaner home if it is cluttered with items you don't even use! Go through each room and sort out all things you don't want, don't use, will never use and never knew you had. The best is to pack them straight into boxes or a bags, moving from one room to another won't help! Once all are collected - either donate them (it's always good to give back) or sell them - extra money will always help (you can pay for a professional cleaning with that money!!!).

  3. Swap "do it later" to NOW. Washing dishes, making your bed or tidying up cushions on the sofa after watching TV - no matter what it is, once it is done, it is forgotten! Once you start accumulate tasks - this is when your time gets wasted and you want to do the cleaning less and less. And even less.

  4. Clean one area at a time. Cleaning the whole property in one day takes so much time - this probably you know from having a cleaner or just a quote for cleaning. Have you been surprised why do they need so many hours? However if you concentrate on only one area and while doing that, also speak to your friends on the phone (tip: use earphones to free up your hands) - you will save time during the week, the house constantly will be clean and friend's won't feel forgotten.

  5. Team work. Just divide your house chores between all family members (kids LOVE helping!!!) and you will see how much more of free time you will have and a clean house! Just explain that the sooner all of you will deal with everything around the house - you will actually be able to sit down as a family and watch a movie or play some board game. It's not women's or men's job - it's a family's duty to keep it tidy in respect to each other.

  6. Minimise dust collectors. All those cables on the floor, too many ornaments, jewellery, creams, nail polishes, etc - many other items can be kept in the plastic tubes or bags, or even better in the cupboards,- to reduce your time on dusting all of them. Imagine just quickly wiping the surface, rather moving all those little items, cleaning each of them, placing them all back... Time consuming task!

  7. Spring clean at least every 12 months. We can't say enough about many benefits of reaching all those hard and high areas: busy corners, windows and frames, behind your heavy furniture, inside of your wardrobes (right at the bottom), top of cupboards in the kitchen or all other wardrobes and shelves - check the very top of all of them. How about inside of your beds? Does you carpet look clean and IS it REALLY clean? You can not even imagine how much DUST and DUST MITES are all around you: in your pillows, mattresses, under bed, on the top of all high furniture and of course, your oven - definitely will need a good scrub at least once in a year. All those and many more areas (the list can go on and on) are very time consuming, require professional way of doing them and the knowledge of how to, as well. Surely you can learn how to do them yourself, however our advise would be: get someone else do it while you are away on holiday: so you come back to absolutely spotless and clean house. Literally clean!

If you start implementing all above tips - you will never have a need to have a regular cleaner (ups, we shouldn't say that!). However we know how busy life can be and therefore by all means - if you ever need our help (or any other company's, there are plenty!) - just contact us on 0113 314 7773 and we will come and do that all for you with a smile!