Frequently asked questions

Am I tied to any minimum contract?

To ensure our schedules are smooth, organised and our staff is happy - we work on flexible 30 day rolling contract. You only need to email us or send us a letter in order to cancel any service with us providing 30 days of notice. Of course we will be very sad to see you go, but we will always try to understand your reasons and learn from our mistakes.

How do I change day / time of my pre-booked service?

Please text on 07734864064 or email us on (or direct person servising you) 48 hours in advance to change or cancel FREE of charge time or day of pre-booked service. Any cancelation or change within 48 hours is not refundable. You will have to pay for services again. If something serious happened (heavy snow, death, child birth or etc) - we will be understanding and will do our best to amend the booking.

With regular domestic cleaning service - will I have the same person coming?

Yes, if you are booking regular weekly or fortnightly domestic cleaning services / housekeeping services with us - we are booking same person for the same day and hour for you for infinity time. Whenever you need to change day or time - just email us! Monthly cleans - are subject to availability with your regular cleaning person.

How regularly should I clean my property?

Every household is different and it's always better to have a professional advise than a guess. Usually during the trial session our experienced supervisor will advise you on the cost and how regular service must be based on your requirements and size of the property. However we still suggest to try different options and see what suits you most: cleaning once in two weeks or may be few times a week...

Do you provide materials and products?

We have a wide range of services and some of them include all products and materials in the cost, some not. We always try our best to work around your budget, so our advice would be: just let us know if you prefer us to buy all what is needed, we will do it with a pleasure!

Can I book a non standard work request?

Absolutely yes! People are so different and so are properties and services required. Please do not hesitate to contact us on or on 01133147773 to discuss your enquiry, we will do our best to help you!